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    Stop Surviving and Start Thriving in Business
    For a little over a year most businesses felt the need to let go of employees, spend less on advertising and other expenses and pretty much focus on survival and not thriving. I can say I too focused my efforts on surviving and spent little effort on thriving.
  • content strategies during covid19
    Content Strategy for COVID-19 in Five Easy Steps
    Has COVID-19 sidelined your business? Have you been asking questions like: How should we be talking to our prospects and customers? What and how do we […]

What Clients Say.....

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    ".....[Norma Jean] she is our internet department handling all of our SEO and our pay per click advertising......."

    We had some bad experiences with a few so-called seo/sem firms and we decided to stop throwing money down the drain. We hired Norma Jean Keefer to first rebuild our site and now she is our internet department handling all of our SEO and our pay per click advertising. We definitely have seen an increase in phone calls and business coming from all the improvements to our site, from the internet.
    Bob Easter
    Easters Lock & Access

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SEO Solutions for the Do It Yourselfer

Not convinced you need to hire an expert to do your SEO? Here are some tips and tools that you can learn to use that are inexpensive but valuable resources in optimizing your website. SOS Interactive uses and is certified WEBCEO and we highly recommend this platform. If you have questions please feel free to contact me about it.
Web CEO SEO Tools
Web CEO SEO Tools

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