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Is Your Website Working?
September 21, 2018
We completely understand that many businesses will not want to fully commit to SEO without first understanding their situation and their opportunities. Our experts leverage knowledge obtained using several SEO research tools including Google Analytics, Spyfu, Majestic, Pingdom, WebCeo and others that help us asses your website's indexation, website performance, keyword rankings, and more. Then we deliver an audit report which can include an assessment against your top competitors in the same industry or in the market. You can determine the level of the report. But once we have reviewed this information with you then we can determine an SEO strategy for immediate implementation which could include on-page and off-page optimization improvements. Do not be surprised that our assessment could call for some drastic changes in your online spending, a new website or it could also expose some very simple fixes that do not take very long to implement but were overlooked and have caused visibility and serp issues. We offer a simple first time audit for free but our services to fix issues (optimization) is based on an hourly fee. And we gladly give estimates.

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Stellar Online Services

Stellar Online Services

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