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Case Study - Loyalty Programs

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Client Case Study: Addition of Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program: After working with client for about 6 months, he was interested in adding a new layer of customer service in the form of a loyalty program and inquired as to how to integrate into new website. It took me about 2 weeks of research viewing various options of both virtual and tangible cards to settle on a particular loyalty program that would be a simple site integration as well. The platform I was most excited about was a word press plugin and virtually a plug in play with some minor customization. It was not entirely complete with features and functions but it suited simple needs for the short term. The company I was most impressed was Apps Mav who promoted themselves as a social media app and a website app. Turned out to be both. At first the Gratisfaction plugin was very rudimentary but it allowed us to set up "campaigns" targeted toward two types of customers, new and existing. And it offered up "incentives" in the way of points to earn discounts toward future check cashing services. Also during the beginning the app company was very open to some suggestions to improve the usability of the app which made my client quite happy. Many times when using apps, there some limitations either because you have to pay for the upgraded version or because end users discover that there are some key functions needed to complete a transaction. Apps Mav has been very responsive to improving the end user experience. My client first opted to go with the "free" version which was to manage a list of 100 and within the first 6 months opted to subscribe to the next level of <500. Now it has been about a year and my client is well over 1000 Loyal customers who are actively engaged in coming into his 3 locations and using only their cellphones to earn points toward discounts. My client rewards his customers each time they perform a check cashing transaction and the points are calculated and tabulated. His customers are able to see the accumulated values and as soon as they points are redeemed, they also see the redemption in their account. My client also is able to see "active" clients and their activity as well as track emails and even to which store a transaction has taken place. Training for his staff was minimal and in the last year, we have barely run across any bugs or issues that Apps Mav basically very quick to provide a solution. This was a highly successful implementation of a customer loyalty program that has proven to work.

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New Client Case Study

Client was unhappy with his web designer, felt that the guy was a nice but did not "offer" any other marketing guidance nor was nor did the client feel that he was getting feed back beneficial to his business. I was referred and client consulted with me about his goals and I made some suggestions based on clients goals. He mentioned that the cruxt of his business was "cash advances" plus he offered up some other unique business services that were absent from him home page. In other words, he had conveyed that very relevant and important information about services he offered were not appearing or even noted on his home page. I informed him that since 90 % of visitors seek this information and do not go past the first page.. that adding this information as well as quick actionable feature would make his website more effective. It would also improve in other areas as well. I also did some competitive analysis and found that he was not properly optimized and therefore not visibly on very important keywords. I also made some suggestions to add more functionality to his site that would make his business workflow much simpler. Client uses constant contact, chat messenger and online applications. I was able to add these feature and functions to the new site as well as the relavent information for his customers.

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Existing Client - New Compatible Template, Add Function

Current client with old template. I had to inform my client that his template that we used years ago to build his site is no longer being supported by the developer. Plus we are experience security issues in regards to compatibility with upgraded PHP versions. And after discussing these challenges with the client, he disclosed some new feature and functionality that he would like to have added. The client is also a recruitment firm for non-profits and is looking for a way to accept, store and share candidate resumes and cover letter with their clients. Stay tuned.......

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